Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So most people know that may be a bit of an Otakú..... just a bit.
Ok let's not pretend........ when I was in 5th grade every time I say a star I would wish that I could live in the world of Naruto.
So because I am an extreme nerd, I got a very shiny saxophone for christmas.

The Angels are singing :3

And because instruments are very very pricey besides that I only got Otakú things.

So I was given the third volume of Attack on Titan, volumes 7-10 of Blue Exorcist, volume 6 of Hunter x Hunter, and volumes 16-18 of One Piece.

I was very happy.

So aside from that I also got four movies created by the greatest story teller of all time.

Hayao Miyazaki.

I had already owned the amazing work of art that is Spirited Away.

One of the most amazing movies of all time.

But for Christmas I received... 
Princess Mononoke

My Neighbor Totoro

Castle in the Sky

Howl's Moving Castle

I greatly enjoyed each and every one of these movies. Buy I have to say that Princess Mononoke stands out even among Miyizaki's films. It is the only one I know of rated PG-13 and is definitely intended for an older group of people. There is plenty of battle, earning it it's higher rating, and still has the fantastically sweet elements of friendship and love  that are constant themes in Moyazaki's movies. The main character is a Prince who left his village to find a cure for a curse he was put under. On his travels he meats Princess Mononoke, a young girl who was raised by wolves. He discovers the spirit of the forest and the village killing the forest by forging weapons and polluting the forest. 
I don't understand why it is so little known. I had never heard of it before my sister gave it to me for Christmas. Everybody needs to see Princess Mononoke! Seriously watch it. I mean it.

So as you can guess I sat on the couch the rest of my winter break watching the magic of Miyizaki. 

All le Anime!

So yeah... That was my Christmas break in a nut shell. 

Me When I'm Old

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to be the most bad ass grandma there ever was and ever will be.

How I plan my life:

1. Finish the hell that is high school....... I'm only halfway through my freshmen year and I'm already counting the days. 1,195 days to go.....

Dis is le evil Vice Principal
(he hates me)

2. Go to college to please my parents.

I just know I'm going to end up sleeping through all my classes.....

3. Receive useless degree

4. Travel the world

Are't I just fabulous when it comes to drawing national landmarks? *overflowing with sarcasm*
I tried to draw the Taj Mahal for you guys, but it looked more like a bunch of mushrooms.
And thank you to Lyndsey for drawing the Eiffel Tower because I am simply incompetent. 

5. Meet interesting and exciting scene boy

Tattoo's and Piercings are very important qualifications, but most of all hair that has a striking resemblance to that of Andy Biersack's three years ago is of the utmost importance.
Piano Players are also good..... very good.
I may have unrealistic expectations.

6. Move back to 'Merica with interesting and exciting scene boy and begin to morph him and myself into respectable humans.

I will get bored so quickly here......

7. Possibly get a job....... probably musically related

8. Marry interesting and exciting scene boy

9. Have 3-5 interesting and exciting punk rock children

10. Send 3-5 children to college

11. Be lazy until children have children

At this point I will allow myself to get monstrously fat and will eat potato chips and drink soda every day. 
And I will be happy.


At this point my children will probably be all like "What! What has happened?" Because they will have never seen this evolution of myself. (Now I feel like I'm describing Pokémon.)When I finally enter stage twelve I plan to be the most active and interesting Grandmother around. You know how when your Grandparents come to visit all they want to do is sit on the deck enjoying the weather and drink tea?


Well maybe that's just mine.... they're from Liverpool.

Well I refuse to be this boring type of Grandparent! By this point in my life I think I will have already gone sky diving at least once. This probably happened around stage 4/5. And I will have exciting world adventures to talk about! But let's face it, the children of the future won't want to sit and hear about how a monkey stole my backpack in India. Or maybe the will..... I don't know. (this actually happened to my mom and I greatly enjoy hearing the story :3 )

Instead they will all be wizzing around on their hover boards and taking vacations to mars and stuff. So to be able to be an exciting grandmother I will obviously have to be able to ride a hover board at the age of 65.

I will also do my best to piss of my children by buying their children all sorts of useless future things and taking them to get piercings and whatever futurist body alterations that are possible in the future.

I feel like body art will become something along the lines of the incredibly extravagant things that happen in the Uglies Series and Hunger Games. People will have purple skin and cat ears and stuff.

Good Bye for now my little Panda Bears! \(*.*)/