Saturday, December 21, 2013

We all have that one thing

Face it, we all have that one thing that is more important than anything. That one thing that you love so much that it controls your life, it controls your views on other things, it controls how you act, it controls how you think. It's that one thing you turn to when you are upset, depressed, or just having a hard time.

For me, that thing is music.

Now not just any music. There is one band in particular that I love more than anything. Their music means the entire world to me.

Black Veil Brides

I find it inspiring and relatable on a level that I cannot begin to explain to somebody that does not have something they can relate this to.

Now if you are a hater of this band then you have probably never heard very much of their music, if you have heard any at all and if you are able to picture them in your head you are picturing the photo shoot for Set the World On Fire.

this is what you are picturing in your head
(from Left to Right: CC, Jake Pitts, Andy Biersack, Jinxx, Ashley Purdy)

And if you are a hater you are thinking something along the lines of:


And you have probably only heard of the song knives and pens, which was released...... let's see..... IN  THE FUCKING YEAR OF 2009!!!!

Now BVB is probably one of the bands that has changed the most over the years. They sound nothing like they used to. 
To prove my point you can click this link for Knives and Pens from their first album and then click Lost it All from their most recent album. Lost is All is one of my favorite songs on the newest album and the song that Andy (the lead singer and the one in the middle in the above picture) has said multiple times he is most proud of. FYI Andy writes all his own songs instead of the rappers on the radio that have ten people write their songs for them and all they can come up with is "You a stupid hoe You a stupid hoe".

I would also like to point out that the band is no longer as theatrical as the used to be and they are all completely normal people. Andy grew up going to CATHOLIC SCHOOL. Not a satin worshiper. 

And now he looks like this:

This is Crow. See, normal guy with a normal pet cat.

Yes..... still a lot of studs and black but that's rock music
(From left to right: CC, Jinxx, Andy, Jake, Ashley)

I will admit, all the members of the band still dress in black and all but Andy still have long hair. They all have multiple tattoos and there music is full of heavy guitar and drums. 

But this is what I love. And I love it to the point where if anybody says anything bad about the band I take it personally. 

So to get to the point the reason I wanted to write this post is that when my ski team was at lunch today I was showing my friend pictures of Andy Biersack. And we may have been swooning..... just a bit.

But all the guys on my team where like "Let us see!" So we showed them a picture something like this: 

"He's gay"
That was the immediate reaction. 

This was unacceptable..... so after verbally abusing them I went to find another picture.

But this time is wasn't of Andy.

It was of Juliet Simms. Andy's incredibly beautiful and sexy girlfriend. 
Here are some pictures of her:

Next reaction:


That's right bitches. Even the 12 year old was like "Omg she's hot"

And from that point on I was like "That's right, Andy's is way hotter than all of you and you will never have a girlfriend has hot as his!"

I was quit proud of myself and they didn't question Andy for the rest of the day. 


  1. you named them from left to right, my dearest genius

  2. why are you the only one that ever notices my stupid mistakes....