Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What passes as Music these days.......

Many of you are probably fans of that music that plays on the radio. The music that glorifies alcohol, drugs, and sex.

What is wrong with us?

What have these songs that glorify such awful things so popular today? These are the songs that the ten year olds in the back seats are singing along to! These kids look up to rappers that just talk about how they want to bang ten bitches at once! Really, really guys? What the hell? You can't even get me started on people like Miley Cyrus, who had millions of fans and children looked up to her as a role model. But the next thing you know she is swinging around butt naked with nothing but some boots on some giant wrecking ball!?
I don't think I'll be alone when I say that I am disgusted by what is excepted as Popular Culture.
Sure she spouts tons of bullshit about how her boyfriend hurt her and she is naked to show how she was hurt. But in reality she is loosing the fan base of children that made her so popular.

So I've realized that so far I haven't talked about the kind of music I like. My genre of music is metal core. I listen to bands like A Day to Remember, Escape the Fate, Memphis May Fire, Sleeping with Sirens, Asking Alexandria and Most of all Black Veil Brides. I understand that this genre is not for everybody, but I saw something online that inspired me to make this post. It was just an image I found on Google but when I saw if I realized how true it was.

Here's the picture.

Now how true is this? The bands I listen to are often criticized as being emo and satanic. But these are all real lyrics from the bands music and I find these songs much more raw and real then any of the stuff on the radio. 

Songs like Roger Rabbit by Sleeping with Sirens go much deeper in meaning then so many of the stuff that passes as art these days. These are bands that write there own songs from their own experiences with life, and no matter how difficult their life as been it helps people with equally difficult lives get through it. 

So many people hear the name Black Veil Brides and think of a bunch of freaks wearing a ton of makeup trying to be like Kiss. But this band is real, they write their own lyrics and take them right out of their hearts.
Isn't that what music is? It's a form of expression and I think that anybody who has the guts to get out their and make their own songs is incredibly brave. Those rappers that have their songs written for them are nothing to me. I can't respect them as an artist. 
So if I'm looking at it from that point of view I have a bit of respect for Miley Cyrus, I just think she is going about it the wrong way. 

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  1. HA, no. Emo, maybe. Satanic? Leave that to me and my black metal.
    But for reals, this post holds the truth.