Friday, November 15, 2013

SWS Happiness

I told you all yesterday that I was going to attend the Sleeping with Sirens Feel This Tour. Well I did and it was the most Amazing Wonderful Happiest Moment EVER. The lineup was Our Last Night, Issues, Breath Carolina, and then after three hours of waiting through intense crowds were I literally had no room to breath Sleeping with Sirens Finally came on.

So before I go into the details of how Kellin Quinn and I were breathing the same air, I need to explain my extreme spy skills that became necessary to get to said concert.

It's no secret that music is my entire life. So yesterday was pit orchestra practice, like every day. Well it was time to leave and I had to go early or there was no way we would make it on time. So I had to get out without my band director and Katie de Music Lord of All (as her contact is in my phone) killing me. Thankfully Bryan (who is my eternal rival, and I don't even think he knows it) was able to fill in for me and play my book so hopefully I'm fine.

So I had to go out the back way because if I went out of the pit the normal way I would have to make my way through the entire rhythm section and the five thousand violins. So I went up the back way, and discovered that to get out I would have to cross the stage where people were performing. So what did I do instead?

I crossed through the wood shop room and went outside, around the building, back in, and snuck into the band room.

I felt incredibly ninja.

So then my dad picked Audrey, Abi, and I up from school and we got Subway before heading down to Saltair for the best night ever.

Our Last Night was first up, and I had never listened to them before and truthfully I wasn't expecting much.  I was mistaken.

These guys were sick. They started the concert and got the crowd so worked up. Issues was a major letdown after them. 

So I had actually heard of Issues in the past, but I knew I didn't really like them. They were worse live then I thought they would be. I did not enjoy it..... They had a bunch of dub step mixes in with there songs playing of a computer. That is not ok. I tolerate dub step at raves and nothing else. You think with six guys they would be able to put on some live music, not have to use a computer.

Now Breathe Carolina, that was something to be remembered. I don't even listen to Breathe Carolina but I had an amazing time. I think I would have enjoyed it way more if I didn't feel more squished then a those fish at the end of Finding Nemo caught in the net. There was no room to breath at this point. There was a moment where the crowd was jumping up and down but I wasn't. Even though I wasn't jumping I was raised with the rest of them. That was how crowded it was, but the worst was that we were about four feet from the gate. Four feet from the stage. Four feet from where Kellin would be standing. We were right there, the problem was that since Sleeping With Sirens was next everybody was trying to get as close as possible and there was no room to move. 

I am ashamed to say that I couldn't take it. I almost made it, I really did. Breathe Carolina's set ended and I stuck it out in the crowd of duchebags and the super bitchy kid in front of me as a complete asshole trying to shake me away from him. The this kid was like half my size and he was all like "Fuck of Bitches" And I'm over here like "If there was a place to more I would ya cunt!"

But the last straw was when the fat sweaty guy right next to me took off his shirt...... I just couldn't do it.

I made us go to the back with all the sane people, and honestly I enjoyed SWS much more then I would have up in that hell hole.

The set list for Sleeping with Sirens was as followed....

Here We Go
Congratulations (Matty Mullins did not attend :P)
Free Now
If I'm James Dean Your Audrey Hepburn
The Best There Ever Was
A Trophy Father's Trophy Son
These Things I've Done 
Scene Five: With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear
Do It Now Remember It Later
If You Can't Hang

Needless to say it was amazing. Worlds can not describe the perfectness. But the best was Kellin's pep talks and the way he introduced the songs. You watch all the videos and interviews on Youtube and think "wow, he's so cute and funny and motivating" Well he is actually like that in real life. Nothing can compare to that night.

Except for the fact that now I feel like shit cuz I got four hours of sleep and I had to get up at six for school and even though I showered when I got home and have asked all my friends if I smell and they have said no the stink of weed is still in my nose and its making me so nauseous.  

It's ok, it was worth it.

Good bye for now my little Panda Bears! \(*.*)/

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