Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stay Strong

I came to school today with a serious question. I was thinking hard about my friends and what is happening in their lives. I'm not sure what to believe anymore. I have a specific friends, and for a few weeks my friend has been posting things online. Self harming pictures, suicide stories, all sorts of scary stuff. But on Wednesday she didn't come to school.

I actually have a few friends that self harm and I wish they wouldn't. I came to school this morning to find one friend freaking out because she had broken her promise to not self harm anymore. But this specific friend seemed to be in worse shape then the others.  So I was worried, but I also thought that she was making it up. I thought she just wanted attention.
But Tuesday night she posted even worse things online. They weren't things that happened to other people, they were things that she had done. She said that she had tried to commit suicide, and she was in the hospital all of Wednesday and that was why she wasn't at school. I found this out from another friend.

In fact I had found all of this stuff out from my other friend, and at this point I was sick of finding stuff out from any source besides for the friend this was happening to. So I talked to her the very next day, and she told me that on Monday she had tried to commit suicide. If there is a god out there I thank him for not taking her from us. For letting her fail in this attempt to end her life.
All I can say is why?  I just want to tell her that things will get bette, no matter what happens. When you have gotten as low as she has, the only place to go is up.
So stop trying to hurt yourself, stop trying to end your life. You are beautiful, you are wonderful in every way, shape, and form. You are perfect and don't let anybody, especially yourself tell you different. To all my friends that self harm, don't hurt yourself. All of you are perfect. Do not think any different.
To all of my friends -
I love you all, stay perfect and stay strong.

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