About Meh!

So hopefully this blog will go better than the one I tried to do many many years ago. That went badly :P  I was a naive ten year old trying to be cool on the internet.....
So now I hope to blog seriously! Now what is this blog gonna be about? Well to tell you that I need to tell you a bit about me.
I am a fifteen year old girl living in Utah! I am in my freshman year of high school and it's already hell. I love skiing and I practice Karate at the Bobby Lawrence Karate studio. I am a proud full fledged otaku. I play clarinet and saxophone (sometimes I like to sit at the keyboard in my room and pretend I have a clue what I'm doing) and my band instructor, Mr. Taylor, owns my soul. Panda bears are the most amazing creatures on this planet we call earth. Hello kitty is adorable. I have a Portages Water Dog named Phoebe, and I used to have a fish... many fish...... I'm a terrible fish owner.
So I'm probably going to be telling useless stories about my life, give reviews on anime and manga, talking about band thinks like a dork, and random other things. Hopefully you like learning about some random girl you will probably never met. I like watching Youtubers talk about nothing, so maybe you will like reading about nothing. \(*-*)/

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