Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today is the big day! Today is the day that the 2014 Warped Tour lineup is released! As you lovely people that actually read my blog will know I had a ticket for last years warped tour, which was confiscated due to my poor choice in nail color.

But this year will be different! I WILL GO.

I am so excited to see the set list, but sadly it will not be released till about 11 o'clock tonight. I will be sitting on my computer at 10:59 like this.....

Yep... Awful Apple on the back of my
Computer again.....

I will not be able to sleep tonight unlit I see that list.
But because Vans likes to build up as much suspense as they can they only release a few bands a week. I have no idea what order the bands will be released in at all or if they are going to be totally random. But this means that I am only expecting about five bands to be on the list tonight. :(

I've decided that I will humor you guys with a list of the bands I would like to see at Warped Tour. This is also the list of bands that I am going to cry for if they don't appear on the set lists.

Black Veil Brides (If they don't appear I will cry for weeks and I will have a huge hole in my heart the     entire time I am at Warped)

A Day to Remember

Escape the Fate

Sleeping With Sirens (Goodbye Jesse! <3)

Bring Me The Horizon

We Came as Romans

Pierce the Veil (working on getting tickets to see them in March right now!)

Asking Alexandria

Bullet for My Valentine

Capture the Crown

Memphis May Fire

And many more! This list is in no particular order, just the order they popped into my head!

So I would also like to mention that I live in Utah...... why would I tell you that?

BECAUSE SALT LAKE IS THE VERY FIRST DATE ON WARPED TOUR!!!!! I am exploding with excitement! Warped Tour kicks of on June 14th in MY CITY!!!

So theres my post for today. Sorry I haven't posted for a week but nothing exciting has been happening! I am going to try to get back to posting everyday!

Good Bye for now my little Panda Bears! \(*.*)/

P.s. I have decided that if anybody can make a emoticon panda bear I would love to see it and would use it after every post!
That also means I should probably make a contact page.......
I'll get right on that!

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