Thursday, March 20, 2014

Math.... no

As I am typing this I am sitting in math class, supposedly doing a review for our final.

Well I will tell you guys, I am not doing the final review. No. Nope. Nopity nope no. Hell to the no. Not happening.

Today is not a day for math. It is not going to happen. Just no.

I mean really? I have to get up at 6 in the morning every single day and make it all the way to school. And they expect me to do math? With every other class having finals on the same day I end up having to stay up until three in the fucking morning just to make sure that my grades don't drop. And then they expect me to sit here and do a big ass math packet full of algebra and matrices at seven in the morning.

No thank you.

It's not that I'm bad at math, I mean I'm not good at it either. But in the middle of the day I think I would be much more willing to do math then I am first thing in the morning. I'm not awake yet! My mind still thinks I am happily in bed sleeping away. But in reality I am here. Sitting in a class with a million people I greatly dislike. Forced to do problem that solve no real predicament and just serve the purpose of making my brain hurt.

This post had no real purpose, good bye.

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