Monday, March 17, 2014

The Suspense is Killing Me

Literally. I have never been more anxious about anything in my life.

Last Friday I auditioned for wind ensemble. The highest level band in my school. The band that goes to New York next year to compete in a national competition. The band with all the talented kids in it.

I must be a part of it.

So on Friday I played the piece I had been practicing none stop for the past two weeks for my band director. I played Bach's second Sonata in Eb. I never want to hear that song again for as long as I live. I have come to the conclusion that Bach is totally evil. I mean, his middle name is Sebastian! How can he not be a demon!!!

Yep..... That's a demon.

Anyway..... back to band. So I played my piece and I actually did pretty well. I was proud of myself. Even though I was super nervous I think I played it better than I ever practiced it. I got every single rhythm and run. The only thing I did wrong was miss a few accidentals. That's pretty damn good for me. Plus I have spent the entire year working myself to death by doing EVERYTHING I POSSIBLY COULD!!!! Seriously, you name it I did it. Marching Band, Pit Orchestra, Football Pep Band, Basketball Pep Band. I have 505 letter points!!! The requirement for a letter is only 450! I have dedicated my entire life to music!!! 

So when Mr. Band Director asked why he should put me in Wind Ensemble I pretty much vomited reasons why he owns my soul.

Yes. I have every confidence that I will make it. At least I did.

Then sight reading happened. 

Basically Mr. Band Director found the most impossible, evil, malicious, soul devouring, dream smashing piece of music he could find. 

So it went like this:

"Amanda, please play up to measure 42 for me." 

"Yes Lord Taylor!" *Salute and looks a piece*
Soul is instantly crushed.

Dying Goose Noises Commence. 

Amanda Sad.

So yeah...... I spend all weekend freaking out about this. And next period I will be able to look at the list to see if I made it. If I didn't make it my life is over....... tell my family I love them. Audrey can have my guitar and I leave my manga collection to Lyndsey. Burry me with my clarinet. The instrument that ruined my life. 

Goodbye -.-

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