Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Ashley

Yesterday was the day that my favorite bass player of all time came to be.
Ashley Purdy :3

Yesterday Ashley Purdy turned 30 years old. I would like to just take a moment to take that in...... I just can't believe he's 30. Ashley looks as fabulous as ever!

So I am going to take the time to talk about all of Ashley's amazing achievements in life:

Well if you didn't know, he is the bass player for my all time favorite band: Black Veil Brides.
He is a graphic designer.
Has a custom line of Guitars he designed.
Has his own clothing line which can be found here.
This isn't really a achievement but his middle name is Abrocket, which is the most amazing name I have ever heard.  (I don't think his parents liked him very much.)

Here are some pictures of Ashley for you enjoyment :3

Goodbye for now my little Panda Bears! \(*.*)/

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