Saturday, January 18, 2014

In-between step 3 and 4

If you saw my post Me When I'm Old then you know what the title of this post is referring to. If not click the link.

Did you click it?




So now that you have seen it I can tell you what will happen in between step three and step four.

Before traveling the, world I have discovered I need to acquire some cash to, you know, travel the world. Because you kinda need money for that.

So I have a plan to get some money. You see, a have the wonderful friend named Audrey. And together we have many life plans that are going to come true. They are. Really.

So what are these goals, you ask? Something I have been planing to do for a really long time is start a Youtube Chanel. It's pretty much all I want in life.
But you can't get money from Youtube unless you are majorly popular!!!!

So the next goal in life is to start a T-Shirt company with Audrey. She is an incredible artist, unlike me. Well you read my blog so you know I can't draw for shit. So I would have to take the job of "supervisor".
Moving along.
The goal is to go on Warped tour and sell our T-Shirts at a booth there. But that costs money too. Well you have to spend money to make money I guess.
So the last goal is to start a radio show.

Yes, a radio show.

This is kinda related to the entire Youtube goal. Basically I just think it would be fun. And I already talk day in and day out anyway to why not broadcast it?  Anyway I'm thinking I'll start the Youtube Channel up soon. Probably in May.

And lastly,

This is me watching the video of Kevin Lyman telling us that the date for Salt Lake City's Warped Tour have been moved from June 14th, the very first show, to August 2nd, the second to last show.


Good Bye for now my little Panda Bears! \(*.*)/

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