Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doc Martens!

A few weeks ago my mother ordered me a pair of Doc Martens online.

On friday the finally got here!

These lovely shoes appeared on friday! And I haven't stopped wearing them since.

I first discovered Doc Martens last fall, when my family went on a trip to Disney Land and my mother pointed out a girl wearing them. I thought they were super cool and so did my mother. My mom said she would get me some. I'm not really sure why, but instead we went for a different type of leather boot. Those boots were my present last Christmas. 

They were beautiful. I loved those shoes. They were black boots that when up to my knee with big buckles on the sides and they zipped up on the other side so I could actually put them on. But the thing is, I walk funny. My feet bend inward, so I ruin most of the shoes I own. So those boots were soon trashed. I destroyed them. Because of this sadly they were thrown away when I got these new shoes. 

So I have wanted to get Doc Martens for a long time. But I actually have my friend Courtney to thank for actually getting them. You see, a few weeks ago Courtney came over to my house. Courtney was wearing her snazzy white Doc Martens and my mother took notice. 

Her thought process must have been something like this:

"Hmmm, didn't Amanda want those shoes at some point? Now her friends have them. Courtney's a cool person, I guess Doc Martens are cool now. I must get my daughter some so she too can be cool!"

And just like that it was decided. A few days later my shoes were ordered. It turns out that my friend Audrey also has these shoes. But her's are red. 
Audrey's are on the top right and Courtney's top left.

So I am already planning to get more of these fantabulous shoes. The ones I have right now are matte leather and I want some funky shinny ones. The first ones I want to get are the hot pink ones.
I have nothing that would match this color -.- 
Oh well

Then I want purple!

The problem is that these shoes are damn expensive. They are over hundred dollars in most cases and I just don't have that type of money, as described in my previous post "Why I am Awful With Money".
So I don't think I will be getting more of these any time soon. 

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