Monday, February 10, 2014

Worst. Game. Ever.

Unless you have been living under a ROCK you will have heard of the terrible new app called Flappy Bird.
The game of pure evil. I'm obsessed. I constantly feel the need to play it. I also constantly need to beat my sister at the game. My record is 61, while hers is something in the 70's. >.< 

This game is incredibly addicting. And incredibly frustrating. Even if I have a record of 61, which isn't bad, I still die before I even get past 5 pipes at times! I can't believe I haven't chucked my iPod across the room in rage yet. But for some reason the creator of this game has decided to take it off of the app store! Why? 

So it is no longer available! ¿PORQUE? Why would you take down such a successful app? 

But I can still play it. So I guess I'm gonna stay addicted -.-

1 comment:

  1. My record is currently 76! :) but serious, WHY YOU TAKE DOWN SUCCESSFUL APP?!! It is ALLLLL over the internet and the app is SOOO popular... but what and ev, I have it sooo ... FLAPPY BIRD TIME!