Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grades......I Hate Them

Grades. Yes, Grades.

Dictionary Definition: The process of applying standardized measurements of varying levels of achievement in a course.

Student Definition: The most stressful thing to ever be invented ever in the history of the world where you are put up against every other kid in your grade and ranked. If your grades are not sufficient your teachers, parents, and peers are automatically given the right to ridicule you until your life just completely revolves around grades and there is nothing else in the entire world that can distract you from the fact that you are a failure. 

Grades Suck.

Now, many people may think that all this technology that students of the 21st century have access too just gives us distractions from our work. When in reality it just makes everything a million times more stressful.

Back like 30 years ago you had a text book, you read the book, and you answered the questions according to what the book said. Nowadays you have to look everything up on the internet. You have to make sure that the site you look at is legitimate, which is impossible considering 99.9% of the internet is a bunch of ass holes who want to mess with people, and if you use Wikipedia your teachers are going to make you burn in hell.

Another example is that because of all this technology we have nowadays, it is absolutely impossible to escape from school. 30 years go you go to school, you spend the day at school with teachers, and then you come home and you don't have to deal with teachers till the next day. On the weekends you can completely forget everything, over christmas break school never crosses your mind. But now we have computers! All the assignments are online! You can never escape! You can't be too lazy to write that history report like back in the good old days. If you don't write your God Damn report you will be attacked by vicious streams of emails from your teachers who are going to be all like WHERE THE HELL IS THAT GOD DAMN HISTORY REPORT!?!?!?

Yeah.... not fun.

Grades are pretty much just a way to make kids who already have low self-esteems feel worse about themselves because they aren't as smart as the rest.

And then my school does things like giving out donuts to honor roll students! Seriously! I mean just think about that, you are already feeling awful about your grades and your parents are giving you grief and then you go to lunch and your friends all walk up with their donuts and they are like "Go get yours!" And you have to admit that you didn't make honor roll. How is that going to help students!

Plus, if your grades aren't good enough you can't join in clubs and travel with teams. That is not ok! If you're told you aren't allowed to go to a team event out of state you aren't going to want to stay home and study! You will just want to sit there and feel sorry for yourself!

Yeah....... If you couldn't tell I'm pretty frustrated with my grades right now. Thank you for reading my rant. :P

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