Monday, March 3, 2014

Maybe If I Ignore It, It Won't Happen

I feel like my life just revolves around a series of things that I don't want to happen. I have a bad habit of just ignoring these things, thinking that if I'm not aware of them neither is the rest of the world. I keep up this way of thinking until the thing I don't want to happen gets so close that I finally have the epiphany that this thing is actually going to happen.

AP Testing
Windensemble Auditions
Spanish Project
The Extinction of Panda Bears

These are just a few of the things that I am dreading with so many feels that I have just stopped giving any feels about them.

Let's discuss my non-feels, shall we?

First up is the upcoming test for my AP geography class. You know, just the most important test I have ever taken in my entire meaningless life as a student. Just the test that is going to make the entire year of horrendous studying in the hardest class ever that only the most advanced students can get A's in. And by advanced students I mean the ones that have had there brains experimented on by aliens. The test that is going to stop me from having to retake this class when I begin my boring life as a college student at the University of Utah were I will waste away my parents money by partying and not doing a bit of studying.

So what have I done to prepare myself for the biggest test of the millennium?


In fact I have only gotten through this class this year because I cram the night before each test and I use my friend, Audrey, as a study tool in the way that I have her tell me everything of importance that she read instead of actually reading the book on my own.

The test is May 13th, which gives me exactly 72 days to get my shit together and learn all the things.

I know what you're thinking. 72 days is a TON of time. I could breed wolves and have a puppy in that amount of time. But I guarantee that we will get to the night before the test and it will be the first time I have actually opened the book. 

Moving on.

Wind Ensemble auditions are coming up in the next two weeks. Wind Ensemble is the highest level in the band program that you can get to. 

Meaning that it is audition only to get in. This is stressing me out to the point where my mind had gone into self defense mode, and has pushed this fact to the deepest darkest corner of my mind where there is no way it can possible resurface, in order to make it so my mind doesn't explode from all the stress. 

Basically I'm at the point where my brain is completely sure that I will get my schedule for next year and I will have just magically gotten into Wind Ensemble. 

Next is my Spanish Project. 

It is excential that I do well on this project. Why?

This is why....

Look at all the A's!

Wait... what's this...... Future Exam?



This Future exam has changed my grade from a beautiful A down to a B. This is not expectable. Mainly because AP Geography is the only class that I can allow myself to get below a A- in because if I do worse than that I will be kicked out of National Junior Honor Society and then Colleges will see this fact and I won't get into college and I will end up working as a grocery store bagger and in about two years my job will be completely taken over by a robot and I will end up living on the streets.  

So I have to do well on this project. But my partner and I have no idea what to do so we are totally procrastinating. 

And what can I do about Panda Bears????? It's not my fault! It's the Chinese! I blame you, FIX IT!!!!!!

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