Wednesday, November 6, 2013


If you have read my About Me page, which I'm sure nobody could be bothered with (lets face it even i hate reading those), you will know that I am a humungous Otak├║. Meaning I am an anime, manga, and anything Japanese nerd.
So because of my extreme love of all things Japanese, about three weeks ago I went to Anime Banzai. If you don't know, Anime Banzai is an anime convention in Layton, Utah and it is surprisingly the 6th largest Con in North America. It takes place over UEA (Utah Education Association) Weekend. Most states would just call this fall break, but not us. In Utah somebody decided to be a bitch to all the teachers and while all the kids get a three day weekend the teachers have to attend meetings about how to teach better and that type of stuff....... sucks for them.
But since I am not a teacher I get break! And I spent the entire time being a complete nerd doing nerdy things with all these people. 

I got many hugs from this fluff ball.

I actually thought of cosplaying this but she did it better than I ever would have! It's Amaimon from Blue Exorcist, one of my all time favorite animes.

Went to their panel. It was amazing! GO FAIRY TAIL!

And I saw many more amazing cosplays and I myself cosplayed as Karin from Naruto.
Nobody knew who I was........

The reason for this post it Caramelldansen. So if you don't know what Caramelldansen is, it is a Swedish song from by the band Caramell. For some reason the Japanese love it. You can listen to it here. During the weekend I probably heard this song 50 times. I am not exaggerating by any means. 50 is actually probably a underestimation.   So obviously I was sick of it and showed it to the back of my brain as soon as the weekend was over. But something kept bothering me about this song.... 
So there is a para para dance to go along with this song. (para para is basically Japanese line dancing) It seemed like there was some unspoken rule at Banzai that everybody had to know this dance.
But nobody told me about this.......

So of course the first time the song came on in the courtyard on the first day everybody flipped out and broke into a giant flash mob.
It was actually one of the most amazing things ever.
Except for the fact that I had never heard the song and didn't have a clue about the dance. 

Picture that episode of Modern Family where mitchell makes that flash mob to surprise Cam and impress him, but Cam just feels super awkward and gets really upset. 

This was like that but ten times worse. 

And I had to endure this for the entire weekend on an hourly bases. Just so you get an idea here is a super cool video of this chick doing the dance
There were about 100 people doing it.

So for the last three weeks I have suppressed the memory of that song and the dance that everybody but me knew.

But for some reason last night I was listening to a bunch of Vocaloid songs. And I thought to myself "Hey! I wanna learn a para para dance!" And what was the first one I thought of? 

Caramelldansen! So I listened to that song on a loop for like and hour and now I am determine to learn that dance! That song is now engraved into my soul and is a permanent part of me.
Wish me luck! (If you didn't know I can't dance for shit, so learning that would be an extreme accomplishment for me.)

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