Monday, November 4, 2013


If you're a student, preferably a high school student, you understand how over the last few weeks you will have had to get up, get to school, and deal with an entire first period class in PITCH DARK! Personally I think that it should be illegal to make us get up and do things like algebra before dawn! I have math first period, and I just sit there trying to make my brain absorb what ever impossible things the teacher is trying to tell us but all I can do is look out the window and think "It's black outside..... I can't even see the road...... it's much too early to figure out how to graph inequality functions." 
So obviously I, like many other kids across the country, just can't think before the birds have even started to chirp. 
But not today! Because yesterday I got to feel like dis.....

Today was the end of daylight saving time and for the first time in months I could do math homework by sunlight instead of the florescent lights lining the ceiling that make me feel like my eyeballs are burning! It was amazing. 
In fact, I was lying in bed this morning at about five o'clock, when it would normally be six, wondering why screamo music hadn't started blasting from my phone yet. But I didn't question it, I continued to lay in the dark for another hour and happily sleep till six. 
But of course I'm sure I'll get home and my parents will be like this.

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